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Having looked at Graphcom's wonderful samples, and knowing Graphcom's International Reputation for high quality, custom, heirloom video productions, my siblings and I chose Graphcom to produce a documentary of our parents 50 years of married life.  This was to be shown on their 50th Wedding Aniversary.


Pre-Production Planning:

Jim Saunders at Graphcom guided me through the pre-production planning stage.  His production consulting skills including, typing, quick storyboard sketching, and extensive knowledge of video capabilities were invaluable in refining the vision and concept of what the production should be.



Working with Jim Saunders during the production phase of the project, was not only fascinating, but very educational.

Jim's world famous camera animation of my old photographs, brought them to life.  It was almost like seeing them for the first time combined with the unique experience of watching a movie.  Jim Saunder's expert camera movement created suspense and firmly grabbed the viewer's attention.

Despite my best efforts of research, there were a few instances where I could not find images to illustrate the story.  Jim, a former Air Force commercial artist, came to the rescue by being able create some very believable photographic looking illustrations to fill the needs of the production.

During production, Jim expertly directed me during the narration recording sessions, and the chroma key scenes.

Post Production:

Despite the complexity of production, Jim was able to take all of the elements of the production, produce titles and graphics, put them together, and meet the tight deadline.


G. Reimer.

Portland, OR.


















































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