Graphcom Virtual Studio

By combining our 3D Exteriors and 3D Interiors with the Graphcom Studio's Chromakey capability, your imagination is our only limit.

With the Graphcom studio's  virtual 3D landscapes, we can give you virtual sets that are 40 miles  or more across.  We can control the number of clouds in the sky.  We can control the weather. We can control the the time of day.

We can put you in the desert or on the moon, or any place that you can imagine.  We can take you into the past or into the future.  We can have a dinosaur looking over your shoulder, or we can put you in a city of the future.

If you want more realism than we can generate with our computers, we can put you into previously shot actual photographs or video footage from the real world.




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Last modified: August 29, 2007